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On this page you will find our partners and tips on the readable pages.
We also collected pages to help you plan trips with different type of transport.


Bath map

Here you will find various good swimming spots near Tåstarp

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Destination Hallandsåsen

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Attractions & Entertainment in Angelholm

Current tips from Helsingborgs Dagblad

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Official website for the municipality with, among other things, activity tips.

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Official tourist calendar for Ängelholm and the surrounding area. Here you can choose other cities near Ängelholm.

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Ängelholms Flygmuseum

We have a fantastic flying museum on the closed down F10 fleet which is highly recommended.

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Ängelholm Railway Museum

In Ängelholm we have an exciting railway museum for both children and technically interested people. Highly recommended by us.

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The Swedish Tourist Association

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Here you will find lots of fun activities for everyone.

Housing and Transport

Med ForSea till Helsingör, Danmark

Plan a trip over to cozy Helsingör and experience the continent right near Ängelholm.

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Skånetrafiken - Public transport in Skåne

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Excursion & Attractions

Around Tåstarp

Tåstarpstomaten, Toarps Bärstig grönsaksbutik.

Tåstarps Kyrka
Kyrka från 1100-talet

Northwest Skåne

Hembygdsparken Ängelholm djurpark,
lekplats, cafe/restaurang

Flygmuseet, Valhall, Ängelholm

Skåneleden vandringsled

Hallands Väderö, Torekov båt, natur, hav

Fredriksdal, Helsingborg
muséer och trädgårdar

Sofiero, Helsingborg
"sveriges vackraste park"

Tropikariet, Helsingborg
djur från världens alla hörn