Information and rules


Arrival / departure

You dispose your room from 3 pm to agreed arrival date.
Leave your room / family room that you received it.
Do not be reckless with our house or things - you may be liable if something breaks or gets destroyed
You leave your room by 12 am the day of departure.

Quiet hours

We (and our neighbors) want it quiet and peaceful on the farm
from 9 pm - 8 am.


Included in Bed & Breakfast 

Self-Catering cleans itself
Top floor: dusting, vacuuming, cleaning kitchen / micro

Ground floor (Bath room): Clean toilet / shower / sink, and vacuum and mop floors Using sheets and towels are placed in the tub under the sink in Bade place.

Cleaning can be purchased for
500 SEK (prebooked)


Do not let children play in the farm buildings - there are dangerous machines.
The lake is close to - keep track of where your children are.
Our guests can not play with the dogs.
Our guests can not enter the paddock without having talked with the host about this.
Parents are responsible for their children.

Depends on the season - park in designated areas.